DeWaste Launches the DeWaste Network


Food waste is at an all time high. We as a planet are wasting more food per day than we ever did even though many organizations in this space are doing their best and coming up with innovative solutions to control the amount of food waste.

In the COVID-19 global lockdown, things have taken a turn for the worse. Because of regulations on industry and trade, the food supply chain has been broken in various places. This results in a lack of marketplace for buyers and sellers to coordinate and trade. Thousands of tons of good food go to waste every day because of the same reason. We think we can change that. We are launching an online food portal to fill these gaps in the supply chain. The DeWaste Network is an online platform where farmers, wholesalers, retailers and customers can connect with others and trade in these food items.

They can filter items by category and area code and even search for what they’re looking for. This is a first of its kind platform which is extremely easy to use because of its simple design and intuitive user experience. We are continuing to study our users and add more features as per their requests. Eventually, our mission is to make a universal marketplace of food based products that doesn’t breakdown due to such natural disasters.

Check out the brand new DeWaste Network here

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