DeWaste Launches DeWaste Kitchen


DeWaste Kitchen is a brand new way to track wastage in the kitchen!

DeWaste Kitchen has been designed from the ground up to make the easiest possible solution to track food waste in the kitchen. You simply put your wstage bucket on the weighing scale and you're done in less than 2 seconds. DeWaste Kitchen takes a photo of the food and identifies it so you don't have to and it records the weight of the wastage. There is also an optional touchscreen attachment if you would like to enter in a reason for the wastage.

DeWaste Kitchen then immediately uploads this data to the signature DeWaste Dashboard where the data is viewable by all managers and chefs. DeWaste Kitchen will also predict the reason for the wastage and identify trends. Using these custom insights, we will work with you to help reduce the wastage.

DeWaste Kitchen is ideal for any dining institution with an onsite kitchen and we can guarantee that we can help reduce your wastage! Ready to try DeWaste Kitchen? Request a pilot here!

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