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The DeWaste Network: Our COVID-19 response
The DeWaste Network
Food waste is at an all time high in the COVID-19 lockdown because the food supply chain has been broken. Thousands of tons of good food goes to waste every day because of lack of buyers.

We are launching an online food portal to fill these gaps in the supply chain. The DeWaste Network is an online platform where farmers, producers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants can connect with others in their proximity and trade in these food items so they don't go to waste.
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Why Care?
Food Costs
Savings in
Food Costs


With lower food costs, profit margins will increase
Fast Returns
Fast Returns


Make a return on your investment very quickly
Food Waste
Reduction in
Food Waste


Also leading to less costs in disposing of wastage
Carbon Foodprint
Reduction in
Carbon Foodprint


A green initiative that every dining institution is moving towards
Customer Loyalty
Increase in
Customer Loyalty


Make the food that customers like to eat
What We Do
Menu Engineering Using
DeWaste Excess

The DeWaste Excess is made with cutting edge technology that collects real time data of food leftovers using computer vision. This data is then used to generate daily reports and actionable insights which can be used to reduce food waste by engineering the menu to adapt to customer preferences.

reduction in
food waste
increase in
customer satisfaction
Optimize backend using
DeWaste Kitchen

The DeWaste Kitchen helps you seamlessly track kitchen wastage at your dining institutions. It automatically records the weight and composition of the waste and empowers chefs to implement internal control practices to reduce kitchen waste.

decrease in
kitchen waste
decrease in
food costs

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